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Single serving of Zingology powders just launched

test tube powders

At Natural & Organic show back in April we used a clever little container for handing out samples, we also used them for sending to magazines and journalists. These containers happened to be medical grade test tubes… little did we know that people would want our zingology powders available to buy in this packaging.

So for the last few months we have been researching, testing and designing our labels and we are excited to announce that in the next couple of weeks our zingology powders will be arriving at the Zingology HQ as single servings in little test tube containers.

This is an ideal way to test and try the powders, they are easy to pop into your bag or grab from the cupboard for those moment when you need a little bit of colouring or flavouring in your recipes or just fancy a quick juice. We hope you love the powders so much that you end up buying a canister, however I am sure many of you will love the test tubes as we plan to provide you with lots of clever ways to reuse the test tubes, from vases and button containers to a full scale chandelier!



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