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Zingology launches new fruit and vegetable whole food powders

zingology fruit and vegetable wholefood powders

At last our long awaited fruit and vegetable whole food powders are coming to the UK. We first came across these powders earlier this year and fell in love the taste, colour and nutritional content.

Our passion is all about providing you with a convenient replacement for whole fruits and vegetables with no compromise on taste or goodness, so you can delight your friends and family.

There are 4 fruit and vegetable whole food powders to choose from Strawberry, Raspberry, Carrot and Beetroot and we plan to add more early next year. We have been testing Blueberry, Cranberry, Mango and Spinach so watch this space as we bring more flavours to the UK.

Our technology targets and evaporates water molecules only – which is why  all Zingology powders contain the same nutrient, colour and flavour as the original fruit and vegetables.

In studies at Washington State University our strawberry powder was shown to retain the same vitamin C content as its original fruit.

The powders are all available through and will soon be available through retailers all across the UK.



  1. Katherine Slessor 4 years ago

    What lovely packaging! Can’t wait to try them, I’m thinking sprinkled on Greek Yogurt :-)



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