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How do I use dried strawberry powder?

strawberry sorbetThere are so many ways to use dried strawberry powder, however check first whether you have freeze-dried or Zingology strawberry powder. Your typical freeze-dried strawberry powder may have lost some of the colour, flavour and nutrition in the freeze drying process so you would need to use slightly more of this type of powder in our recipe ideas.

Zingology strawberry powder uses a much gentler process so the flavour and colour are very intense and only need a small amount to achieve a fantastic colour and flavour.


How to use dried strawberry powder

Use the strawberry powder in baking cakes, we like to stir 10g into a cake mixture for strawberry cupcakes or use 5g in the butter icing which gives it an amazing colour and great taste. You can also sprinkle strawberry powder on your porridge in a morning. We like to make ours with half Koko coconut milk, half water, then once cooked and in your bowl sprinkle one teaspoon of strawberry powder and sweeten with a little local honey. Mix 5g with 100ml of water for an unsweetened juice for children, mix with apple juice if you like it slighter sweeter, then freeze to make ice lollies. Make a strawberry vinaigrette. We like to mix a little strawberry powder into three tablespoons of olive oil, one table spoon of red wine vinegar and a little local honey, then give it a really good shake. Or if you are in a hurry just sprinkle straight on to the salad. If you are making biscuits why not sprinkle a little bit of strawberry powder onto the biscuits instead of icing sugar, they five them an extra special colour and flavour. Strawberry smoothies are really easy to make using soya or Koko coconut milk, a frozen banana or fresh banana and then add lots of ice. Stir in 5g of dried strawberry powder, you could also add in protein powder, chia seeds, coconut oil for extra nutrition. Making Strawberry yoghurt is a great way to ensure that there are no added sugars, colouring and preservatives. We like to use greek or natural yoghurt, sprinkle one tea spoon of strawberry powder and mix until it has dissolved. If you like it a little sweeter just add a little teaspoon of local honey. This is a great idea for children’s lunch boxes. Making Strawberry ice-cream or strawberry sorbet is an easy way to ensure that there are no artificial colouring or preservatives. Use instead of or as well as fresh fruit. Strawberry powders are perfect for when fresh strawberries are out of season. Make tasty strawberry meringues. make your usual meringue mixture then sprinkle 6-8g of strawberry powder into the mixture. After baking sprinkle a small amount on the top of the meringue for decoration or on top of the cream if you are making meringue nests. Strawberry milk drink is a nice treat for children with their afternoon snack. We like to use Koko coconut milk with a teaspoon of dried strawberry powder, mix with a little whisk or add to a shaker and give it a good shake to mix in the powder.
Try Experimenting with strawberry powders

Try experimenting with the strawberry powder, they are a great way to add instant colour and flavour to recipes. Because they retain all the enzymes, vitamins and fibre of fresh strawberries they will also count as one of your 7 a day.
Please feel free to share your ideas with us on Facebook to Twitter or leave a reply on this post. Happy experimenting.



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