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Strawberry and Coconut popcorn

strawberry and coconut popcorn 500x360Serves: 2 hungry adults or 4 ‘fussy eater’ children

This fruity strawberry and coconut popcorn as a delicious afternoon treat. The tangy strawberry and the creamy taste of the coconut means you can have a sweet treat with only the natural sugar and fibre from the strawberries!


60g of unpopped popcorn
Extra virgin coconut oil spray (or butter-flavored oil spray)
2 tsp (half a test tube) Zingology Strawberry Powder, divided
1 tsp Virgin Raw coconut oil

Place unpopped popcorn in a large saucepan with a little olive oil with the lid on. Heat to a high temperature but make sure you keep the pan moving to avoid burning the popcorn kernels. Once the popping has finished add a teaspoon of coconut oil to the pan with one teaspoon of Zingology strawberry powder. Shake in the saucepan until covered and oil has melted. Pour in to a large bowl, then sprinkle the remaining Zingology strawberry powder


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