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The science of Zingology powders

Zingology powders use a unique technology to evaporate water molecules without disturbing the enzymes, antioxidants, vitamins or minerals in the original whole foods. The low moisture of our powders retains freshness and delays spoilage for years, reducing waste and simplifying storage efforts. Our powders are created using gentle wavelengths of natural light – not heat – to target and evaporate water molecules, leaving the nutrients intact.

In studies at Washington State University our strawberry powder was shown to retain the same vitamin c content as its original fruit.

Why are Zingology powders different?

Traditional dehydration technologies rely on prolonged, intensive heat to turn whole foods into powder ingredients. However, this practice destroys the delicate nutrient, colour and flavour compounds in whole foods, rendering the end products nutritionally empty. By contrast our fruit and vegetable powders retain whole-food quality from start to finish.

What makes Zingology powder better than freeze dry?

Zingology whole food powder has one pivotal attribute that sets it apart from freeze drying: instead of subjecting raw materials to harsh treatments such as freezing and sublimation via intense heat, the pioneering technology used dries gently, using only wavelengths of natural light. As a result:

A. Our ingredients retain original nutrition, real colour and full flavour. Freeze-dried powders must rely on synthetic additives to replace the portion of nutrient, flavour and colour compounds inevitably lost or damaged during processing. Our technology, on the other hand, targets and evaporates water molecules only, meaning all our ingredients contain the same nutrient, colour and flavour compounds as their raw materials.

B. Our ingredients are versatile and high-quality. Freeze drying creates weak, highly porous particles that perform poorly in several applications and usually require a carrier to facilitate their use. Zingology powder particles, on the other hand, are solid, consistently shaped and moisture-resistant. These qualities eliminate the need for carrier.

Why do the powders sparkle?

Our pioneering technology creates solid, encased particles with trapezoidal/triangular shapes. Each side of these trapezoidal/triangular prisms has a flat, smooth surface (think gemstone) that reflects light, creating a sparkle effect. Why are the colours so intense? Our pioneering technology is so gentle that the compounds responsible for creating colour withstand the evaporation process and remain intact from start to finish. This leaves the finished powder ingredient with a much higher ratio of colour compounds per unit of space than the raw material. We never add synthetic colourings to our powders—the colours of Zingology whole food powders are 100% natural.

A convenient replacement for whole or juiced fruits, vegetables and grasses, our organic powders provide real colour, flavour and nutrition for months on end—without needing artificial colors, flavours or preservatives of any kind. That’s farm-fresh quality with no spoilage.

Why use Zingology wholefood powders?

100% Pure Ingredients, not diluted like juice No additives, fillers, binders or extracts All the nutrients of fresh fruit and veg They taste good enough to eat off the spoon, unlike most other powders.


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