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Raspberry powder in The Great British Bake Off

great british bake off raspberry powder

As we watch our TV screens over the coming weeks we will see the use of raspberry and strawberry powders featured in The Great British Bake Off. Yes raspberry and strawberry powders are great for baking – the taste is intense and there is no moisture to worry about. But as well as the berries, carrot and beetroot powders are also a firm favourite and can be used in many recipes – think about using a powder for carrot cake or red velvet cake without messy beetroot!

Zingology’s range of unique powders appeal to those who love to use powders in baking but also appeal to those looking for better colour and taste. Zingology powders are a little bit more special than using the usual freeze dried powders as we use light rather than extreme temperatures to extract the water molecules. This means more flavour, more colour and keeps the vitamins and enzymes intact.

So as well as the canisters Zingology are excited to announce that in celebration of The Great British Bake Off that our powders will be available as single servings in little test tube containers.

This is an ideal way to test and try the powders, they are easy to pop into your bag or grab from the cupboard for those moment when you need a little bit of colouring or flavouring in your recipes or perhaps just fancy a quick tasty juice.

Why our powders are fantastic for baking

In the Great British Bake Off the contestants use freeze dried powders. Zingology powders are the best kept secret, and as the interest grows and with our powders now available in Ocado bakers will come to realise that the taste and colour of Zingology powders are far superior to the usual freeze dried powders found on the supermarket shelves. We use a gentle light process to extract the water molecules which means no harsh freezing process which can destroy some of the colour, flavour and taste.

Our powders taste good enough to eat off the spoon, so give us a try next time you find a recipe using either fresh berries, carrot or beetroot or freeze dried powders.

test tube powders


Powders also available through independent stores, Ocado and Amazon


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