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Organic Beetroot juice powder

zingology organic beetroot powder



207g is equivalent to juice of 52 beets
Organic Beetroot Juice Powder – 207g
Contains 23 servings
One 9g serving is equivalent to juice of 3 beets
1/2 cup beetroot juice contains 45 calories

A delicious and pure organic beetroot juice powder that provides the flavour and nutritional benefits of fresh beetroots in a convenient and easy to use organic beetroot juice powder.

Beetroot Juice Powder supplies your body natural nutrition from nature. It’s packed with active enzymes, antioxidants, and vitamins.

Our pioneering technology used to create our Beetroot Juice Powder is so gentle all the nutrients and taste of the vegetable remains intact. This guarantees the flavour and intensity of the powders – as you will discover. We never add any additional ingredients or synthetic colourings so you can enjoy a 100% natural product.

A delicious and pure juice powder that provides the flavour and nutritional benefits of fresh beetroot in a convenient and easy to use organic beetroot juice powder.Our beetroots are grown under optimum conditions and carefully harvested at their nutritional peak. Within minutes of picking, the freshly picked beetroot becomes a fine powder that retains 100 percent nutrition, as well as full flavour, aroma and colour.

The Science Bit

Zingology whole food powder has one pivotal attribute that sets it apart – instead of subjecting raw materials to harsh treatments such as freezing and distillation via intense heat, our pioneering technology dries gently, using only wavelengths of natural light, leaving the nutrients intact.

Our technology targets and evaporates water molecules only – which is why all Zingology powders contain the same nutrient, colour and flavour as the original fruit and vegetables.

In studies at Washington State University our strawberry powder was shown to retain the same vitamin C content as its original fruit.

Why our powders sparkle

Our pioneering technology creates solid, encased particles in trapezoidal/triangular shapes – each side has a flat, smooth surface that reflects light, creating a sparkle effect like a diamond or gemstone.

How to use our beetroot juice powder

As this is such a dynamic product there are so many uses and we are sure you will invent a few of your own – please let us know of any new ideas

Toss 1 scoop into your blender for a twist to your morning smoothie – use your imagination to create different combinations or look at our recipe suggestions Mix 1 scoop with water or juice for a nutritious afternoon refreshing and healthy drink Excellent for backpacking food and camping food Perfect for soups and soup stock Use in stews and casseroles Sprinkle over salads as a scrummy garnish Perfect for dusting on desserts, glazes and vinaigrette Use when making cakes and for colouring icing Use as an ingredient in your own recipes, or visit our recipe pages to try ours Eat straight from the spoon – it tastes that good


The powders are simple to store – just keep in a dry cupboard alongside your flour and other staples – just remember to close the lid properly after use


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