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How do you eat 7 to 10 portions of fruit and vegetables?

Making Ice Lolly

Today the news were reporting that the new recommended guidelines are to eat 7 to 10 portions of fruit and vegetables a day. Listening to Jeremy Vine on Radio 2 as I packed the containers of our powders I was struck by how many people felt that it was impossible to increase their fruit and veg  and many struggled to eat the recommended 5. Having a three year old I know only too well the challenges of getting them to eat their broccoli and their carrots, one of the reasons that inspired me to launch Zingology.

We have fun mixing, sprinkling, stirring, cooking, baking and shaking our Zingology powders. Not only do children love to use them, they love to eat them to.

Keep them handy in your kitchen cupboard, take them to work or even on holiday. Your little ones (and not so little ones) will enjoy eating carrots and beetroot. The possibilities are endless, you are only limited by your imagination.

Here are a few of our suggested uses to set your 7 to 10 portions of fruit and vegetables

Toss 1 scoop into the blender for a fruity twist to your morning smoothie.
Mix 1 scoop with ½ cup water or juice for a nutritious afternoon refresher.
Sprinkle as a healthy garnish over salad, cereal or toast.
Fold into ice cream, yogurt, baked goods, soups, sauces and more for added colour, flavour and nutrition.
Eat straight from the spoon (it tastes that good).

As the weather warms up why not try a veggie ice lollie as it’s a great, sneaky way to get your little ones eating their fruit and veg. Mix one serving of powder with 100ml of water, mix, then pour into a container and freeze. Have fun with combinations like carrot and beetroot or mix carrot with home made apple juice.

To order your powders either visit or ask in your local health store.



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